USD 108

Washington County Schools is a 1A school district with district territory also located in Republic County and encompasses the communities of Greenleaf, Haddam, Mahaska, Morrowville, and Washington.  US Highway 36, a major highway from end to end in Kansas, travels through the city of Washington, which is home to the schools for this multi-town district. 

Washington County Schools has a current assessed valuation of $64,138,639 which is slight increase from the previous year. We are a small, rural school district that is proud of our farming heritage.

Students in the Washington Schools attend Washington Elementary School for grades K-6.  This building was built in 2000 with a four-classroom addition built in 2022. Our students in grades 7-12 attend Washington County Junior/Senior High School. While this is the original building, there have been upgrades and additions over the years.  Our estimated enrollment is 360 students.

 Washington County Schools has made a deep commitment to early learning.  We offer a free preschool for all district 4 year olds.  In addition, the district hosts a Head Start program for students who qualify.  USD 108 also is committed to our Parents as Teachers program by paying for 15 slots for our parents to use for our youngest students.  Our preschool programs are housed in a separate location with a private playground on the corner of College and D Street.

USD 108 offers a free afterschool and summer program titled PowerZone for all students in grades K-6 who wish to participate.  Our PowerZone program is staffed by committed individuals who believe in allowing students to explore various ways of learning.  Our PowerZone program is not focused solely on homework help, but rather is an exploratory program that gives our students an opportunity to shine in other areas.

USD 108 also offers an afterschool and summer program, The Infinity Project, for students in grades 7-12.  This is possible due to a 21st Century Learning Grant and is an opportunity for our older students to engage in activities and events they might not be able to themselves. 

The USD 108 Board room and district offices are housed in a beautifully renovated former elementary school at 101 W. College Street.  PowerZone occupies the upper floor of this building.

Special education services are provided through the LCNCK special education cooperation, located in Concordia.

Washington County Schools provides transportation for all pupils who reside outside of the city limits.


Washington County Schools
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