Invitation to Bid

The City of Washington is accepting bid proposals and qualifications for design, engineering and staking for utility relocation to accommodate road widening for Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) bridge replacement on K-15 at Mill Creek. The project will include relocating 34.5 kv primary feed with 2400 volt underbuilt coming into town, along with an 8” water main, and possibly a 6” pressurized sewer line.

A copy of KDOT site plan and accompanying documents may be obtained at City Hall or by email request to

The project has a projected completion deadline of September 14, 2018.

The City must provide a relocation plan and a detailed estimate to KDOT by no later than January 22, 2018. 

 The accepted engineer will be expected to provide a list of qualified contractors, and assist with bid approval and letting. Engineers may submit a bid for one or all projects.

Proposals will be received at the City Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 296, 301 C Street, Washington, Kansas 66968, until noon on Thursday, December 21, 2017. All bids should be clearly marked “Engineering Bid”. 

Bids will be opened at Noon, Thursday, December 21, 2017, in the City Council Chambers.  Bids will be reviewed and a recommendation made to the City Council for consideration at Noon on December 28, 2017. All submitted bids shall be honored for 60 days after the bid opening. 

The City of Washington reserves the right to reject any or all bids with or without cause and to waive any irregularities.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at (785) 325-2284.


Carl D. Chalfant, City Administrator

LMI Survey

ATTENTION WASHINGTON RESIDENTS:  As you may recall, October 6, 2017, a letter was mailed to all City of Washington households requesting your assistance in completing a Low-to-Moderate income survey. 

The purpose of this survey is to determine the City of Washington’s eligibility to qualify Community Development Block Grant funding from the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Community Development Block Grant funding can be used for a wide variety of projects and future improvements in the City of Washington.

TThe second stage of data collection has begun, and CES Engineering Group will begin going door to door to collect the data Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday, December 11/12 & 14/15, in the afternoon/early evening.

A CES Engineering Group representative will assist in completing the survey, if necessary.  The survey may be returned to the representative, or mailed in the provided self-addressed stamped envelope.  The surveys are delivered to an independent company, North Central Regional Planning Commission, for tabulation.  No names/addresses are requested on the survey and no one at the City of Washington will have access to your survey.

It is important that everyone’s information is counted in order to determine the City’s eligibility.  Should the City fail to qualify, alternative funding sources may include increased taxes, increased utility rates, special assessments, etc.


2017 Christmas Lighting Contest

1st Place – FREE Electricity in December.
2nd Place -- $50 off Electricity.
3rd Place -- $25 off Electricity.

Credits will be applied to bill due Feb. 10, 2018.

Judging will take place Thursday, Dec. 21.

For more information contact City Hall at 785-325-2284.

2017 CCR Water Report

You may view or download the City of Washington 2017 Consumer Cofidence Report covering calendar year 2016.

This report is a snapshot of the quality of water that was provided by the City of Washington last year. 


The City of Washington would like to remind all property owners and sewer utility customers that the City of Washington is responsible for the sewer main lines.  The property owner is responsible for the lateral and the tap. 

Due to the recent purchase of the sewer camera system for the city’s sewer mains, staff has noticed numerous privately-owned sewer taps which are displaying root intrusion.  Once these root intrusions invade the city sewer mains, it causes problems and backups on the mains as well as for the property owner. 

Sewer maintenance can help prevent sewer backup problems.  Maintenance measures, including flushing a root killer product, such as Root-X, down the toilet twice a year, can help break up and prevent unnecessary root growth.  This could save costly digging and repair expense.

Also, when the City of Washington is responding to requests for utility locates, as provided through the Kansas One-Call Service, the city will only locate city-owned utilities, up to and including the sewer main.  The City cannot and will not locate privately owned sewer lines from the main to the property.

For a list of what NOT to flush down your sewer, please see the press release below.

What NOT to Flush!!

To view more information on what NOT to flush down your sewer, please click here.


In order to operate an ATV, golf cart, micro-utility truck or work-site utility vehicle within the city limits of the City of Washington, you must purchase a permit at City Hall.


The City Council has established guidelines and permit requirements which allow for citizens to use portable outdoor fireplaces, aka "fire pits", inside the city limits.

There is no cost for the permit. Permits may be downloaded here or picked up at City Hall. Guidelines for use may be downloaded here or picked up at City Hall.

Please complete permit and return to City Hall prior to using any portable outdoor fireplace or "fire pit".


Now Accepting Debit/Credit Cards

You can now pay your City of Washington account with debit/credit cards or electronic checks in person or online. Convenience fees will apply. Click here for details. Payments take approximately 48 hours to process. If your payment is not deposited into the City's account by the due date, penalties will be applied to your bill.


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